We are building, a brand new, cloud-based CRM, for Insurance agents.

Even though no two insurance agents are the same, they spend a large part of their day trying to increase their sales. Communicating with clients and keeping them satisfied is paramount. The best referrals come from existing clients. So, keeping clients satisfied goes a long way.

In order to achieve a high level of satisfaction among your clients and your leads, there is a certain sales funnel that can help you plan and monitor your process. You are the only person that knows what works best for you. We are here to help you to do that better.

We are reaching out to all those Life & Health Insurance agents who know what they want but they have not been able yet to find it.

We are asking you to share your insights of your experience as an Insurance agent, what bugs you, what you need most, and in return we would like to say Thank you by means of an Amazon Gift card.

If you are who we’re looking for, then go ahead and schedule a 15-minute to talk with one of our associates.