Insurance CRM software to boost your productivity

Insurance crm software

Insurance is a trillion-dollar industry. An ecosystem of various businesses ensures that customers enjoy a multitude of products and services. Entry-level is not high, but this does not translate to being in insurance is "easy" or "simple". Independent agents join the industry, lured by show-offs of quick-riches. Actually, it is everything but. Results before hard work, like with every other line of business, can be found only in the dictionary. Insurance agents, regardless of years of experience, discover that an insurance CRM software is critical in managing their daily operations.

You have received your license and you’re all pumped to get out there and start talking to prospects about improving their financial planning.

Wait a minute though. How will you know that what you're doing is taking you where you want to go? Namely, how can you stand out in a market that is all about intelligent decision-making? You need to equip yourself with the right tools and in these times, using Insurance CRM software for your day-to-day operations

From Excel to sales excellence

Do you feel that you are in the struggle-zone regarding your efforts? All of us can feel like that, at some point. Decompose this challenge to smaller parts so that you tackle each one separately, with better chances to persevere. At the top of this items list is the set of the tools that you carry in your sales toolbox.

Serving the insurance needs of people requires no actual toolbox, but it requires you to achieve sales. Since yesteryears, the rolodex gave way to Excel; and this was ultimately replaced by today’s insurance CRM software. The big deal with today’s subscription-based software apps is that they offer a multitude of functions that, until recently, were only available by enterprise-level applications.

The time has come for the popularization of enterprise software. Applications and capabilities which were once available only to large insurance companies, are accessible today by independent agents on a per-need basis. This translates to maximum flexibility for the independent agent, who is trying hard to cover all bases on a daily basis.

Use Insurance CRM software as time multiplier

Boosting productivity is all about increasing your throughput, within the same amount of time. Your valuable resources are information and time. The prospect-list that you constantly keep updating is a product of information. Once this information is in your hands, how do you plan to make the most out of it?

You need a plan and to transform information into results. A plan can be expedited, with the use of time multipliers. Being an independent insurance agent, either in the early stages of your career, or a seasoned one, using an insurance CRM software can multiply your time and help you process your information faster and more accurately.

How so?

Built-in automations can assist you in making sure that you direct your time and energy towards those leads that are more likely to become your clients; thus, taking you closer to your goals.

Every sale is different...

How can you prepare, so as to offer your best self to each prospect’s needs?

Essentially, each time, you are trying to deliver a solution to a different problem. You need to keep a reliable record of all pertinent communication with the prospect. Accurately tracking your communication with each prospect is paramount while preparing to make that sale. Details are crucial in helping you deliver the best possible solution. Tracking when appointments are scheduled, what was said during meetings, communication that was exchanged, amounts that were needed, will help you understand the real needs of the prospect; and eventually help you deliver the right solution to their problem. Using an insurance CRM software helps you deliver the right solution to each prospect.

Life is easier with an Insurance CRM software

Back in the days of Ben Feldman, The World’s Greatest Insurance Salesman, people used to hire an assistant, in order to help themselves with all the back-office tasks that are needed, in order to support your sales. Nowadays, this extra help is available to every Insurance agent from Day 1. What in the past was only available to large enterprises, today an insurance agent can enjoy immediately, using a CRM.

Why spend your precious resource, time, on tasks that do not add value to your bottom line? Make a one-time smart investment of your time, research what best supports your goals and start reaping the benefits.

Anytime, anywhere, with anyone

Working your small business knows no time limit. A prospect can contact you anytime and you might be the one winning the sale; simply because you happened to respond on the spot, instead of waiting until next morning. You can’t know when the opportunity will appear; you just have to be prepared. Using an insurance CRM software liberates you from the limitations of a physical assistant. Your 24/7 partner, that is, your CRM, is there to support you night or day, rain or shine.

As you expand your business and you start bringing more associates on-board, using a CRM will be an essential platform that will enable your business to seamlessly scale-up.

Know thyself and know your business. Then go out and hire (that is, buy) a CRM that gets you the best value for your money. Train your insurance CRM software to serve you and you’re off to boost your productivity.

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