The importance of using a CRM if you are in insurance

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Being in the Insurance industry is all about serving more customers, more efficiently than your competitors can, in the same amount of time. Like with any line of business activity, you need to acquire domain expertise, probably build certain skills and last, but not least, carefully select those tools that will leverage your skills and time. Regardless if you are an Indy agent or you work for an Insurance agency, you recognize the importance of using a CRM, as soon as you get your hands on your first list of leads.

What is it like without a CRM?

As you are reading this part of the post, you might be taking a look at your excel printout; ready to start contacting your prospects.

You may be answering these questions easily, or you may not. However, all these issues that need your attention are the dots that you need to connect, to create the path between a prospect and a client. Using a CRM to do it will save you loads of time.

Running short of time and not closing fast enough

Your day usually starts the day before, while planning all meetings, contacts and calls. You need to go through your notes or your calendar to decide who to contact and on who to follow up. Then you need to recall the details related to each prospect.

Have you taken account of the time you allocate to all these low-value tasks? Have you decided what actions take you closer to a closure? Agents, with time, tend to acquire a pretty good sense of what takes them closer to a sale and what takes them away from a sale. However, do you have that time to spare? Time is of the essence and it is your most precious commodity. Using a CRM, is respecting your own time.

These repetitive tasks, are the brick and mortar of building a solid sale. However, once a single brick is laid on the wall, no one is going to mind about it again. All that matters is completing more sales in the same amount of time.

Take control of your time, using a CRM — improve your closing stats

It would be nice to know which leads are going to close, and which not, as soon as you lay your hands on that precious list you just acquired. We all know that is impossible. However, if you know your numbers, you know that a certain percentage of these leads will become clients. You just don't know which ones. Using a CRM is a great way to track them, but you still need a method.

The way to find out is to run them through your sales funnel; namely, the steps that you follow with each new prospect. These are typical for the most part. However, agents develop certain habits over time, in the way they nurture their prospective clients. When you calibrate your process and you are certain about your numbers, you just need to have large numbers of prospects and leads and just run what works for you. That’s when having an extra hand, by means of using a CRM, will make a difference.

Using a CRM is what can help you stand out

Running your own insurance agency requires a lot of your energy and effort. Like most achievements, your results will be the sum of your skills and your tools. Using a CRM to help you run your insurance business is only second to having a phone and a car; it is that important.

It does not have to do only with the names and phone numbers of your prospects. A rolodex on your desk would suffice. Your CRM is your partner to utilize your time more efficiently by helping you decide which meetings will get you “one step closer” to a sale.

Why occupy your precious time with repetitive tasks? Let that be handled by your CRM, smartly and efficiently. Nurturing your prospects in a personalized way frees up substantial time from your daily routine, allowing you to allocate this time to increase your sales.

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