6 CRM trends in insurance you can use

Evan Papanikolaou Feb 26, 2021 News

CRM trends in insurance? Yes, indeed! The technology that was once available only to high-paying enterprise-level insurers, is now available to independent insurance agents.

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Software for health insurance agents

Evan Papanikolaou Feb 12, 2021 News

Costs of health care borne by employers, families, and taxpayers, are escalating. Health insurance agents have an opportunity to deliver on this value proposition, leveraging their unique competencies in partnerships with providers. And AgentBook can help!

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Building an insurance sales pipeline

Evan Papanikolaou Jan 29, 2021 News

As an Insurance agent, you always try best practices to increase your sales. To do that, you need a marketing strategy. For that, you set up an insurance sales pipeline; so that you can know what it takes to get where you want to go.

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Generating leads for the insurance business

Socrates Koumpardas Dec 23, 2020 News

The paramount concern of insurance agents is a reliable strategy, which predictably generates leads that convert. As an insurance agent, you have already realized that leads come in different flavors and types. Generating leads is the air that insurance agents breathe.

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5 benefits of using a CRM for insurance sales

Evan Papanikolaou Dec 11, 2020 News

No insurance agent has gone back to “paper days”, after starting to use an insurance CRM. Switched to a more suitable one, perhaps; but no one has gone back to the rolodex. There are benefits in using a CRM for insurance sales.

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5 reasons why insurance agents need CRM software

Evan Papanikolaou Nov 27, 2020 News

The insurance industry has been undergoing a digital transformation of late. Independent insurance agents, nowadays, have access to state-of-the-art insurance CRM software, which was only available to large organizations, until recently.

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Insurance CRM software to boost your productivity

Evan Papanikolaou Nov 18, 2020 News

Insurance is a trillion-dollar industry. An ecosystem of various businesses ensures that customers enjoy a multitude of products and services. Entry-level is not high, but this does not translate to being in insurance is 'easy' or 'simple'.

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The importance of using a CRM if you are in insurance

Evan Papanikolaou Oct 23, 2020 News

Being in the Insurance industry is all about serving more customers, more efficiently than your competitors can, in the same amount of time. Hence, the importance of using a CRM, as soon as you get your hands on your first leads.

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4 ways your insurance CRM can boost your sales

Socrates Koumpardas Sept 25, 2020 News

The Excel days for managing contacts, are gone forever for many agents in the field. The proliferation of simple-to-use, yet, feature-loaded insurance CRM systems has afforded insurance agents enterprise-level management capabilities.

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